Whether this is your first time ordering CDs, first time ordering from MCR, or you’ve been doing business with us for years, here are a few things you might want to know.

How long will this take?

Our standard production times are:

  • Short runs (100–500 pieces): 5–7 business days
  • Full runs (1000–5000 pieces): 10–15 business days
  • Large or specialty orders (More than 5000 pieces, multi-disc sets, unique packaging): Production time may vary, ask us about your specific situation
  • Paper print only (posters, postcards, etc): 3–5 business days

Bulk (not packaged) jobs and re-orders MIGHT take a few days less than the times shown above depending on our current production queue.

Remember, business days don’t include weekends or holidays, so plan accordingly. Also, the production times shown are just a guideline and will vary based on our manufacturing volumes.

How can I get my order faster?

We recommend that you plan ahead and place your order in a time frame that allows us plenty of time to complete your order before you need it, but we know that things come up. (“Oh no, I sold out this weekend and I have a big event a week from Thursday!”)

Rush orders will depend on current production levels and may be subject to a rush fee. Due to the nature of manufacturing, we can’t guarantee a completion date on a rush order, but we’ll always try to hit your deadline.

Do you duplicate (burn discs) or replicate (mold discs)?

Both! It’s based on quantity.

  • The minimum for CD replication is 1000 pieces. Orders under 1000 will be duplicated.
  • The minimum for DVD replication is 2000 pieces. Orders under 2000 will be duplicated.

What’s the difference?

What do you need to start my order?

  1. Your master disc: We require a physical master. We need a physical master to do quality checks against the discs we make, so it will ensure that what you get back is exactly what you gave us.

    Make sure that master disc is exactly how you want your CDs or DVDs, because we don’t make any changes to your master. (For example, if the master you give us has MP3s, the discs we make for you will also have MP3s.) To be safe, give it one last listen in a basic CD player or use a computer to check the file type before you send it our way.

    You can drop your master off in person or ship to:
    1033 Elm Hill Pike
    Nashville, TN 37210

  2. Your artwork: That can be uploaded through our website (mcreplication.com). There’s an Upload Your Artwork tab and it will walk you through the process. We also have templates on our site, under the Artwork Templates heading. Within 1-2 business days, you’ll receive a digital proof. Be sure to approve that or get back to us with changes, because we can’t start production until we have approval.

  3. A Purchase Order: This form is on the website under Place Your Order. If your company has a standard PO form, you’re welcome to use it as long as it has all the information we ask for on our PO. You can drop this off in person, email it, or fax it in; whatever works best for you.

  4. An Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) form: This form is under Place Your Order. This basically says that the content of your disc belongs to you or that you have permission to reproduce it.

Can’t I just order over the phone? Why do I have to fill out a purchase order?

We need something in writing to ensure accuracy. Your order will go through several departments during the manufacturing process and we need to make sure everyone is on the same page (quite literally). If we have an order in writing straight from you, there is no confusion and nothing gets lost in translation.

When will production on my order begin?

Your order will go into production when we have all the parts, paperwork, and approvals. (see What do you need to start my order?) Standard turn-times begin at this point.

Orders and parts received after 3pm or during the weekend will be processed the following business day.

Can I make changes to my order?

If your order hasn’t gone into production yet, changes are no problem. If production has started, we may be able to change your order depending on what those changes are. There may be additional fees involved if production has already begun.

Just like placing an order, any and all changes must be submitted in writing.

What is your cancellation policy?

Orders can be cancelled at any point in the process, but you will be charged for any work that has already been done at the time of cancellation. Cancellation must be submitted in writing.

When do I pay?

We’ll need payment in full before your order leaves our building. When the job is ready to ship or be picked up, we’ll send you an email with your invoice attached to let you know it’s finished. At that point, just give us a call to pay over the phone or pay when you stop by to pick it up.

How do you ship? I’m local, can I pick up my order?

We use FedEx for our shipments. Our facility is in Nashville, so plan for shipping time from this part of the country to yours. Shipping fees are based on the location and weight of the item, so we will only be able to estimate shipping charges until your order is actually complete.

If you’re local, you’re more than welcome to pick up your order! We’re open for pickups Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:45pm.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Tennessee residents will have to pay state sales tax. If you’re tax exempt, we’ll need a copy of your tax exempt form to keep on file.

Can I have my master back?

Absolutely! It’s yours, after all. We’ll just need to know that you’d like it back.

If you don’t request it back, we will keep it on file in case you need to re-order. We’ll keep masters and artwork on file indefinitely.

I have a question…who do I need to call?

  • Questions about ordering, pricing, or invoices – ask for Lyndsay
  • Questions about a job that’s currently in production – ask for Lyndsay
  • Questions about artwork, templates, barcodes – ask for Lyndsay
  • To make a payment, get directions, ask about hours or holiday schedules – ask for Lyndsay


CD replication involves actually manufacturing and pressing discs from a stamper; also called molding. (Music City Replication is home to the only replicators in Nashville). Replication is the process that makes the CDs like you find in stores. Usually, replication is done in larger quantities (1,000 and up is often most cost-effective for larger orders) and the on-disc printing is done with an offset or silk-screen for the highest quality.

Duplication – 500 or fewer

CD duplication involves burning discs to CD-Rs. This is basically just like burning a CD from home, but we have the ability to burn larger quantities faster. Although the discs are duplicated, MCR offers the same print on the disc face as full-run replicated disc, making it look a little more professional. Typically, duplication is done in smaller quantities (“short run CD duplication”) somewhere between 100 and 500 discs.

Call or stop by for a tour and we’ll show you the process.