Let’s Get It Started!

What We Will Need

  1. Your master disc: We require a physical master. We need a physical master to do quality checks against the discs we make, so it will ensure that what you get back is exactly what you gave us.

    Make sure that master disc is exactly how you want your CDs or DVDs, because we don’t make any changes to your master. (For example, if the master you give us has MP3s, the discs we make for you will also have MP3s.) To be safe, give it one last listen in a basic CD player or use a computer to check the file type before you send it our way.

    You can drop your master off in person or ship to:
    1033 Elm Hill Pike
    Nashville, TN 37210

  2. Your artwork: Artwork can be uploaded at the Upload Your Artwork page, which will walk you through the process. We also have downloadable artwork templates on our site. Within 1-2 business days, you’ll receive a digital proof. Be sure to approve that or get back to us with changes, because we can’t start production until we have approval.

  3. A Purchase Order: This form is on the website under Place Your Order. If your company has a standard PO form, you’re welcome to use it as long as it has all the information we ask for on our PO. You can drop this off in person, email it, or fax it in; whatever works best for you.

  4. An Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) form: This form is under Place Your Order. This basically says that the content of your disc belongs to you or that you have permission to reproduce it.

When Will Production On My Order Begin?

Your order will go into production when we have all the parts, paperwork, and approvals. Standard turn-times begin at this point.

Orders and parts received after 3pm or during the weekend will be processed the following business day.

Have questions? See our FAQ