How your order flows through our system

New Customers: If you’re a new customer, a new customer form must be completed before submitting artwork.
  1. Complete a Standard Purchase Order or a Short Run Purchase Order, including preferred contact method. (Every order needs a PO.)
  2. Mail or bring in a master copy of your project (an exact original of what you want reproduced).
  3. Upload your artwork file to MCR.
  4. Once your artwork has been received, our pre-press department will double check all files for size, resolution, color and compatibility, so that you will receive an optimal result. We will then email a PDF proof of your project to you for your review before sending it on into production.
  5. This is your last chance to check for typos, color, etc. Don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions or concerns regarding your proof. If all the artwork seems to be in order, please respond via email with your written approval.
  6. Upon your approval of all of your art files, the clock on your order begins (so long as MCR also has your master).
  7. When your order is complete you receive notification (via your preferred contact method).

Although we try to get it as close as we can, all orders are may be ±5% of quantity ordered.

Upload Your Artwork